Getting Started

How does it work? This section helps you to know the fundamental ClusterGX features.


From now we suppose you’ve already installed the ClasterGX application on your computer.
If not yet - go to the Installiation page.
Have some troubles installing ClusterGX - contact us.

Well, we hope you’ve already installed ClusterGX (it didn't take a while,did it?)

Now log in with your ClusterGX account (you have received it on your e-mail):

GEX Logo

GEX Logo

Then you are here and can see your clusters in preview.
So we’ve created a special cluster for your data to work with:

First add a local node to your cluster:

Program may asks you to confirm your network connection so it can ask you for the password:


And over time when the node is completely created you will get special message:

Congrates! Now you can start working with your data.

What 's next?

Check out ClusterGX UI Basics.