UI Basics

This page will help you to get familiar with Cluster GEX UI interface.

Contents :

Basic Elements

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Statistics Screen

What you can do here:

  • Check nodes statistics -- Rum-usage, Disc-usage of the clusters -- Workload of the cluster

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Cluster Info

What you can do here:

  • Check running applications
  • Check state of the node

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Nodes Screen

What you can do here:

  • Check the list with all nodes in current cluster
  • See node state and node status
  • Add new nodes

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You can see such message window:

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Actions :

- Restart

- Stop

- Remove

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If it's your local node you can also:

- Reinstall

- Uninstall

- See logs

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Know more about node state and node status.


Here you can see the information about your containers:
- Status
- Node
- Application


What you can do here:

  • See shares logs
  • Share your cluster with someone - it could be existing user or the new one.

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What you can do here:

  • On this screen you can see logs for chosen period of time: GEX Logo

Change Section

Cluster Workspace

You can browse your clusters statistics here:

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Account Control

You can edit here all account info:

  • Edit your username, first and last name.
  • Change your password.
  • Check your team members.
  • Send messages to the team members (click on action button)

Team Control

If you're team's admin you can:
- Edit members (action button)
- Remove members (action button)
- Send invitations to members


Click on 'Messages' button on the top menu to access messages.

What you can do here:
  • Search users to start a conversation.
  • Write & send messages.

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What 's next?

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