Bare metal install

Requirements :

  • Flash drive (4GB or more) or clean DVD disk.
  • Tool for burning ISO on your operation system.

Step 1

Burn iso on flash drive or DVD.

(You can use MKUSB on Ubuntu)

Step 2

Install Ubuntu from your flash drive.

Ubuntu Installation steps aren't important. On the last step in some cases you may be asked to create user - type anything you want - the default user is already built in iso.

Step 3

After Ubuntu installed, you just need to login with default login:password - vagrant:vagrant.
To start installation run:

sudo /home/vagrant/gexstarter/

Step 4

You will see installation process in terminal. You will bee asked to switch default containers directory.

GEX Logo

Now just wait until you see a proposal to enter the login/password from ClusterGX.

GEX Logo

After that just wait until install is finished.

What 's now?

Getting Started user guide