Install on Windows


  • Requires Windows 7 and IE 10 or higher

Step 1

Go to download page, choose Windows and

click 'Download' button to download .exe file.

Step 2

Open Downloads in your browser, find ClusterGX, then right-click to install it.

Note: If you run ClusterGX exe from Downloads folder, the system notify you about unknown publisher. Click 'Run':

GEX Logo

If got User Account Control turned on you'll see one more notification. Click 'Yes':

GEX Logo

Step 3

Now just follow the installer instructions:

GEX Logo

GEX Logo

All done! Click 'Finish' and application will be launched.

GEX Logo

GEX Logo

Note: If you use Avast antivirus system on your computer and you start running ClusterGX, Avast starting scanning the system.

And you can see 'Application error' notification.

Then user can't perform any action on a node when this error happened.
In order to solve this problem you need:

  1. To download Avast Antivirus Application Error Repair Tool program.

You may follow this link:

  1. To restart your computer

  2. To download GlusterGX.

Just follow the link:

  1. Try to install GlusterGX again.

Now check Getting Started user guide.